Monday, February 10, 2014


Area: San Carlos
Companion: Sister Lara

This week has been really good. I know for a fact we have been called of God and he loves us so much. We have had little miracles happen this week that are amazing! I love being here! I was super sad to leave Bata, but I know and am excited to serve here in San Carlos. 

My companion is Sister Lara, She is from Davao city (i don't know how to spell it) but she is incredible! She is a convert from the church when she was baptized when she was 18 years old and is just always happy, smiles and so bright. She will hit a year on March 15 and will be 25 on March 13 :) She is also going home in september. She arrived the batch before me :) She is an incredible missionary and I am so excited to continue to serve with her.

We've had little miracles happen and one i will just tell you about real quick because i don't have a tone of time. (mom wrote me two letters and i read the one i was suppose to print out first oops sorry) but we have a member who has a less active son and we had an appointment close to them we walked by her and said hi and went to go to our appointment that we had. Nobody was home so then we went and OYM'd a family and then returned and the wife was home but the husband who we'd scheduled an appointment with wasn't, but we shared just short to his wife and then when we were leaving we had a little bit of time and Sister Lara stopped and said lets go back to this member. We did and we finally met her son which i guess they'd been trying to meet for a while. But he's a working student providing for his family (which rarely happens here if you are in school you don't work but their father has passed away) but we sang with them and he was almost in tears and his mom bawled and bore a testimony that was amazing! The spirit was so strong. no he didn't come to church he had class at 10 but i know that one day he will be able to come back and want to come back. 

I love the little miracles that happen each day and i now if we trust in the lord he will ALWAYS be there for us to help us. I love this gospel and love this work. JADE, YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE YOUR MISSION. Never let the hard times get you too far down because like everyone says, there are times that make up for it and it's truly incredible!! Just continue!! :)

I love you all family and am so grateful for your missionary work and so happy you had the missionaries! Love them support them and help them be successful in their work. :) Love you all!! :)

love, Sister Smoot

the boy is our baptism. but we haven't taught him since i've been here. she said they schedule times to teach him at the church. He's 18 and is amazing! i loved his testimony :) 

(other answers about new area):
it's wonderful! haha my apartment i forgot to take pictures of our apartment but i will and the other pictures i took won't load. so we'll see what i can do it won't register that i have plugged in a card. it's really pretty we are on the edge by the sea.

my companion is amazing! so happy! we both go home in september. Her birthday is march 13 she hits a year on march 15my birthday march 16 and a year on the 27. cool huh!! haha she is a convert and is amazing! She is from Davau City. She's so happy and amazing! I'm making her speak english  this week :) haha She is very talkative unless she trys in english she always slips into cebuano or english but i love her to death!! i love it! :) 

yes i am in san carlos 2B is our area we are with the zone leaders in this branch. 

yes the climate is pretty much the same as Bata- it's just hot :) haha but sometimes it gets cool at night it's nice :) but pretty much the same. 

my cebuano??. it's about half the same (as ilonggo). but some words have a different meaning. like karon means later in ilonggo but now in cebuano. Then like prayer is pagpangamuyo in ilonggo and pagampo in cebuano. words are just different but the format is the same so i understand about half the time but i'm catching on really fast with god's help :)

we do exchanged every transfer with each sister and we only have 4 sister so 2 companionships so only twice every transfer :) so not very much. but it's amazing. We just call and check up on them also about once a week it's fun :) but two of them are transfering so we may only have two until the end of this transfer but they already did exchanged this transfer so just after the 26th i think we will do them again. 

i'm trying to send pictures but it won't register that i have a card in it's saying insert a removable disk when i try. 

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