Monday, January 20, 2014

Wk 43- ARI KO DIRI SA BATA GIHAPON!! :) (i'm still here in bata)

Our district before Sister Fotofili got transferred 

This week!! last monday was the day they call for transfers. Everyone thought i would transfer... i didn't know what to expect. I had a little feeling i would stay but I'd been here for so long! but it was right!! I'm still here :) nobody called us! But it's been good :) We have had some fun times!
We went to a few different baptisms and i didn't bring my camera with me (sorry). But it was the Elders Baptism and a couple child of record baptisms. They were incredible!! The one on wednesday reminded me a lot of my own baptism when i was eight :) it was incredible!! :)

But some of the pictures my companion will send is when we went in the back of pinetree and got so muddy because of all the rain! it's really bad in there.

and also wednesday we got some balloons for elder ferrer because it was his birthday and he asked for a gift so we picked some flowers and put peddles in one and i had some star bursts from a package i put in another and the other one we wrote little notes on from the members and stuck papers in it. His favorite color is purple that's why they are purple hahaha and we had an orange long one with the pink one but it popped when we tried to write on it. But anyways that was our fast gift for him it was the biggest rush haha

 but i loved it and that mud... we went clear to the back through all the mud and our investigator wasn't even there haha. it was pretty great :) so we took a picture and left oops!! But it was pretty funny and that's when our recent convert, Princess wanted to come with us sa salud or just inside of pinetree. I don't know how to explain it but she lives closer to the highway so she came with us to their house because we had a member with us. anyways ,it was fun :)

I feel like this week more random moments happened then teaching moments. But on sunday we also had a nurse moment haha my companion really wanted to help and she was like 'i feel like a nurse!' we came down our little mountain and started walking through tunay and here comes little Rico crying and blood from his head and in his neck. We went and got my peroxide from the house and went and helped them clean up and get it bandaged. It was a lot smaller then i thought, but it was a different experience that happened.

I am sorry i forgot my journal, but i did write in it other than last night. But i'll try to remember next week :) I love you all!!
AND!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! :) That's how they sing happy birthday here not the name but it's in english :) haha and they clap too!! Malipayon nga adlaw Mom and Talia!! That's what they said it is in ilonggo but they don't usually use it it just means happy day. But know i love you both and am so grateful for you both!! I did send you both a letter just two envelopes taped together. I didn't know tal's address!! But i love you :) Have a wonderful day on your birthday!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

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