Monday, January 13, 2014

Wk 42- Princess and Ernesto got baptized!!! :)

Area: Bata
Companion: Sister Oquias

My favorite Family EVER! :)

This week has been wonderful, on saturday we had a baptism of Princess and Ernesto and it was amazing! They were super nervous, but did just fine. Then Sunday we came to church and the second hour they still weren't there so me and sister Oquias went and got them and Ernesto had worked that morning because he didn't have any money, but he was planning on coming but if we didn't show they would have been really late for sacrament meeting and not been confirmed, but we got them there and it made me a little sad because we taught him sabbath day a million times at the beginning and he has been following it until yesterday anyways, guess we'll teach it again, but at least they were baptized and confirmed :) They are incredible and I love them so much! It is sad how much satan can get at people that's why it's so important to continue/endure to the end!!! :)
Then yesterday we went on splits and i was teaching an investigator we hadn't focused on a ton and but they are pretty catholic and i taught about faith and being cleansed through sin and had a feeling to extend a baptismal invitation and date and so i did and they accepted if they come to know that its true! it was amazing!! I can't believe it!!
We also had a really good zone training last week!! We learned about how to teach a really short lesson using the pamphlets and how to use the tools we have because they really are inspired. People here are also very visual and the pictures help so much!!! i felt the spirit so strong and i love it!! :)
I love you family!! We also have 2 baptisms for Jan 25 here and Feb 1 and Feb 15  set up for now, but just continue, pray and have faith to be able to help these people here progress :) I love them!! And yes transfers are this week, i have no idea what will happen but we will probably find out tonight if something does happen. I love you all!! :)
Love, Sister Smoot
ps i did send pictures but i hope you get them i'm on a different computer and it is being weird, let me know what you get and what you don't so i can try again next week so i can figure it out :) love you!

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