Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jenna is off to the MTC!

Jenna on the porch with her 3 brothers, Tanner, Tayton and Jade.

We all went to Olive Garden for lunch. Austin (Officer Rowberry) had to go back to work, so we got a picture with their cute family!

We went over by the MTC to find Grandpa Robert Smoot waiting for us in the parking lot across the street :). There were alot of missionaries entering today- I think I heard around 800.  There was a pretty long line of cars going in to the MTC. We parked across from the busy entrance and took a few pictures.

It was awesome to have Grandpa Robert Smoot there waiting for us.
Jenna and Lynden
All together with the Provo Temple in the background.
 Talia and Jenna
Jade giving Jenna a hug

Kaylee and Jenna
Jenna and Talia
...and Lynden
Tayton and Jenna
Tanner and Jenna
"who's going to tell me if I look good everyday?"
Tanner said he'd love to go on a mission again!
Jade and Jenna
  We love our Jenna. :)
Ruger loves Jenna
Lynden and Jenna :)
One last family photo :)
The only MTC sign left is the blue one between the signal lights, the nice brick one was removed
Grandma Gaylia Smoot  was waiting for us. :)
It was hard for Dad to say good bye...
...and for Mom too.
But it was comforting to have Grandma Smoot to take care of her.
...and she's off!! 

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